Old Man with a truck

Proudly Serving Greater Bristol County

About the Old Man

My name is Joe Sbardella. I’m a Bristol County native, and grew up right across from the American Tourister Factory on the North End of Warren. My parents, Rose and Joe, were incredibly hardworking; my mom was a waitress of the Warf Tavern for 32 years, and my dad was a mechanical engineer at Hart Engineering in Barrington. They taught me a lot—most importantly, to work hard, tell the truth, and clean up my own messes.


Of course, they weren’t the only ones. I love the Bristol community, and was a major part of it, even as a child. I tried to help others as much as possible, and have a lot of fond memories of being able to assist them. One memory, in particular, is from when I was 16; I’d helped a woman with some tasks, and she’d given me some amazing lemonade as a way of saying thanks. Because of that, I always offer a 10% discount to anyone who offers me lemonade while I’m working for them. 


When I got older, I spent 12 years traveling the world and seeing what there was to see. After my traveling, I eventually settled down in Barrington again, where I got married and raised three amazing children. In 2018, I moved to Touissett Point in Warren—and that’s where Old Man with a Truck began.


Honestly, I’ve worked too long and too hard to just stop working now. Plus, I love being able to help others and make them smile. I got the idea for the company when I realized just how many things keep people from simply taking a day off and enjoying life. I figured, I had the time, and I had the equipment—so why not put it to use? Old Man with a Truck is a way for me to keep busy and to help give a little freedom back to my customers.


I hope that you call Old Man with a Truck whenever you need help.